By Richard Nathan



White Christians  (sung to the tune of "White Christmas")


My favorite folks are white Christians

Who don't give Democrats a break.

The God we believe in

Says, "Kill the heathen

And burn witches at the stake!"


My favorite folks are white Christians

Who won't put up with any vice.

Guys like Dick Cheney are nice

And tokens like Condoleeza Rice! 



A Mandate Clear   (sung to the tune of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear")


We claim it was a mandate clear

With fifty-one percent

When voters on election day

Kept our Bush President.


Piss on the Earth!

Pollute the air!

And shovel crap out to the sea!

That's clearly what the people want

Since they voted G.O.P.



C.E.O.'s   (sung to the tune of "We Three Kings")


C.E.O.'s  - we do as we please!

Making money with our decrees!

We can do it!

Nothing to it!

Laying off employees!


Oh!  Oh!


Lay-off!  Lay-off!  It's our right!

Lay-off everyone in sight!

Those remaining

Will be straining,

Working through the day and night!



The Damnation Song   (Sung to the tune of "God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen")


God damn you homosexuals!

How dare you act so gay!

We think about you day and night

And what you do and say,

And where you put your penises -

Thank God, we're not that way!

We do not like the things you do in bed -

You do in bed -
We don't like those things, so you can never wed!



Debt Us All  (sung to the tune of "Deck the Halls")


Debt us all for Halliburton!


Who cares if the budget's hurtin'?

Spend as if there's no tomorrow!


From our friends the Chinese borrow!




Republicans Are Running The Town!   (sung to the tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town")


You better be good,

You better behave!

Or you're gonna end up

In Abu Ghraib!

Republicans are running the town!


We're making up lists -

Our clans and our tribes!

We help you with laws

If you pay us with bribes!

Republicans are running the town!


We know if you support us!

We know if you protest!

We know if you watch news on FOX

Or Moyers on PBS!


So you better be good!

And don't you be gay!

Or we'll lock you away

At Guantanamo Bay!

Republicans are running the town!



President George Bush   (sung to the tune of "Good King Wenceslas")


President George Bush looked out

On the U.S. nation,

Taxes that the rich paid out

Caused him aggravation!


Bush's friends made lots of cash,

Surely God had blessed them!

Taxing such good men was rash!

Think of how it stressed them!


Bush had this rule sent by fax

To his legislators:

Make the wealthy free from tax!

They are job-creators!


Welfare for rich did pass!

They got what was due them!

What about the working class?

Dubya Bush said, "Screw them!"





2004 by Richard Nathan.  All rights reserved

The author grants all internet uses to print these lyrics for their own, personal, non-commercial use.  No other use may be made without the author's permission.  Without limiting the foregoing, the lyrics  may not be staged without the author's express  permission.

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