This page is devoted to the only one
of my film scripts that has been
filmed to date -
"Laughing It Up"
also known as
"In Search of a Woman."

Here are some links with info about the film.|
I have to say, I was not completely happy with the way the film turned out. 
Also, I never received any money from the producers. 


NOW AVAILABLE IN THE U.S. ON DVD!!!  (This link will take you to the page where you can order it from  (The Internet Movie Data Base listing) (The listing) (This is the page where New Cannon films is promoting the film under the title "In Search of a Woman") (I have no idea what this says.  It's in Russian or some other Eastern European language)

E-Bay in the United Kingdom seems to sell DVD copies on a regular basis.  Go to: and search for "Laughing It Up."


What the hell, I've decided to put the script up on this site.  According to my contract, I still have the right to publish this.  It will take a while to transcribe, but here's what I've typed out so far.