Science Fiction Blast-Off Theater is an anthology of original short science fiction plays.


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Welcome Speeches - The overture.

The Truth About Aliens -  The U.S. President introduces the world to a visitor from Outer Space.  But all is not as it seems.

Love Life of the Robot  - A robot wants to learn about sex.

Puppets - Are we all ruled by the hand of fate?

Taken Away - A man and a woman are abducted.

Dinosaurs - Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?

The Visitor - A rocket is lost in the vast darkness of space, completely alone.  Then there's a knock at the door.

All Clear - What sort of infections might we find on alien worlds?

Warning From The Future - A visitor from the future comes to warn of deadly peril.

Web of Terror - What is the future of the internet?

The Counselor - Family counseling, by any means necessary.

The Possessors - Something from another dimension, or another time, is possessing the bodies of our loved ones!

Abe Lincoln - Can the past be changed?

The Empire Will Never Fall - Can the hope for freedom ever be crushed?

The New Adventures of Stan Starburst - Chapter 1 - The start of an exciting new serial.

The New Adventures of Stan Starburst - Chapter 2 - Part 2 of an exciting new serial.

The New Adventures of Stan Starburst - Chapter 3 - The thrilling conclusion of an exciting new serial.

The Omniscient Ones - Meet beings who dwell outside of time and space.

Schrödinger's Cat - The amazing cat who was simultaneously alive and dead!

The Immigrants - Why is New Eden II a paradise lost?

The Guardians - What immortality has to offer.

Taking Off - Interstellar travel - finally with enough speed.

The End - The end of the world.


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